Remove Unnecessary Files (iOS)

Common files like README and provisioning profiles are accidentally included in apps, we scan for these and flag them for removal. Usually you can remove these from your app by unchecking the target membership in Xcode:


Kinds of files Emerge finds

  • Common informational files such as README, AUTHORS, CHANGELOG
  • Shell scripts, these are often included in a mobile apps repo for automated tooling, but rarely are needed in the app bundle
  • Provisioning profiles used when code signing the app, but once it’s signed the .mobileprovision file does not need to be in your app bundle.
  • Build configuration settings (xcconfig/bazel). These are used to determine how the app is built, but don’t need to be in the app bundle.
  • .swiftmodule files which describe the interface to a Swift framework and are used when linking against pre-compiled swift libraries. They are not needed in the app bundle.
  • .bcsymbolmap files which are needed for recompiling an app after uploading to Apple, but should not be included in the app bundle.
  • Code header files such as a .pch file or the contents of a “Headers” directory.