Slack Alerts

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Example of Slack Alert

With Emerge, you can receive Slack Alerts to a channel when an uploaded build triggers configurable thresholds. This page walks you through how to connect the Emerge Tools Slackbot and manage alerts.

Connecting the Slackbot

To get started receiving Emerge alerts in your Slack channel head over to Your Emerge Profile, and click the "Manage Slack Integration" button:


Manage Slack integration from your profile page

From [this page] (, you can authorize channels to receive alerts as well as see all authorized channels.


To add a channel, click the "Add Slack Channel" button. You'll then be prompted by Slack to authenticate and choose the channel for Emerge's alerts to be posted in:


Integrating Emerge Tools into your Slack workspace

Once you authorize a channel, you'll see that the Emerge bot has been added in Slack!


Creating Alert Rules

Alerts are created at the product level. You can head back to your profile and click into a product to add and manage your slack alerts!


Each row in your Slack alerting configuration defines a unique alert.

The Type field sets which uploads will be used to evaluate rule thresholds. The Type can be set to "All Pull Requests" or any build type you've uploaded. Selecting "All Pull Requests" will compare a new build against its base build. Selecting a build type will compare a build with the previous upload of that same build type.

The Size Diff Threshold will send an alert if a diff exceeds the specified threshold. The diff number uses the default metric for each platform (iOS = Install Size | Android = Download Size).

The Absolute Threshold sends an alert if the download size for a build exceeds the specified number.

If you want to receive a Slack alert for all builds processed by Emerge for a specified build type, simply set your threshold value to 0.

Once created, you will now receive start being alerted in Slack based on your configured settings!


Weekly Digests

Weekly Digests send summaries of how your app size has changed over the last week. Emerge will also alert you to any additional insights found in your app.


You can configure Weekly Digests on your Emerge Profile. Digest reports are sent on a specified day of the week and time for any product & build type pairings.


Performance Alerts

In addition to the Size Alerts described above, Emerge also offers Performance Alerts.

Performance Alerts are triggered from runtime regressions from Emerge's Performance Analysis tooling.

To configure Performance Alerts, reach out to us (probably on Slack 😉)


Congrats on integrating Emerge with Slack!

Please feel free to email mailto:[email protected] with any issues or feedback!


Want to customize your Slack integration?

We're always looking for add new ways to customize Slack alerts for your app size changes. If you have any ideas for customization please reach out!

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