Slack Alerts

(2 minute setup time)

Connect the Slackbot

To get started receiving Emerge alerts in your Slack channel head over to Your Emerge Profile, and click the "Add to Slack" button:


Then you'll be prompted by Slack to authenticate and choose the channel for Emerge's alerts to be posted in:


Slack integration screenshot

Once you select the channel for your logs and hit Allow you'll see that the Emerge bot has been added to your channel!


Now head back to your profile to configure what build type and threshold you want to start receiving notifications for!


Each row in your Slack alerting configuration defines an alert for a build type, size threshold pair. If you want to receive a Slack alert for all builds processed by Emerge for a specified build type, simply set your threshold value to 0.

You will now receive start being alerted in Slack based on your configured settings!



Congrats on integrating Emerge with Slack!

Please feel free to email mailto:[email protected] with any issues or feedback!


Want to customize your Slack integration?

We're always looking for add new ways to customize Slack alerts for your app size changes. If you have any ideas for customization please reach out!

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