Android Performance Analysis

How it works

Each time a new release build of your app is uploaded, the app is installed on a Google Pixel 3 running Android 12, along with the version it's being compared against (usually the app referenced from the specified baseSha).

Emerge runs performance tests of cold startup or any custom UI test using UI Automator on run on real, physical devices. Each test is run dozens of times under comparable conditions in order to detect statistically significant performance changes. Emerge's insights and tools can then help you pinpoint the source of any regressions or improvements from the test.

Once Emerge has a statistically significant result from all the iterations, Emerge will determine the overall conclusion of the test (unchanged, increased, decreased) and make the results available through any of our integrations, like Slack Alerts and GitHub Status Checks.


Emerge can enable performance testing on any upload. Use the following guides for specific details about startup or custom flow testing:

What’s Next

Follow the guides below to get started with startup or custom flow performance analysis.