Performance Profile


iOS-only feature

Performance Profiles are currently only available on iOS, please reach out to your Emerge representative if you're interested in the feature for Android

Performance Profile offers a swift and effective way to gain insights into the performance of your app by monitoring its behavior on physical devices for a brief, user-defined period (between 1 and 5 seconds).

Performance Profile vs Performance Analysis

Performance Profiles are designed to quickly assess the performance of your application by running it on a physical device. It allows users to specify a duration (ranging from 1 to 5 seconds) for which the app is launched and its main thread is monitored. After the execution period, the stack trace is symbolicated, providing a clear and concise report of the app's performance during the specified timeframe

Performance Analysis provides a rigorous runtime comparison between two builds. Where a Performance Profile only runs the app once, Performance Analysis may run the app up to 80 times to provide a statistically significant comparison.

How can I start a Performance Profile?

You will see a button under each compatible build in the uploads page:

A modal will appear and you can select the desired recording time (between 1 and 5 seconds):

You can also open the modal from any build's page from the Actions Button on the top right:

How can I detect if my app is running in a Performance Profile?

When running a Performance Profile, the environment variable EMERGE_IS_PERFORMANCE_TESTING is set to 1, checking its value, you can remove undesired behavior from the app for the profile.

Can I run an Automation Test during the Performance Profile?

At this moment, this is not supported, but you can run tests with Performance Analysis.

How can I view existing Profiles?

You can see the ran profiles in the Performance Runs tab.