App Breakdown

Category Breakdown

Emerge also visualizes your app with a breakdown of file types. Think of this as a "nutritional facts" for your app. There is no one size fits all diet for an app, but you can use the pie chart to see if your app's breakdown makes sense.

  • Assets: All the files in your app
  • Binary: All the executable files in your app
  • Localizations: All the lproj files in your app
  • Fonts: All the font files in your app
  • ML Models: All the CoreML files in your app
  • Interface builder: All the nib files in your app

Component Breakdown

The component breakdown let's you see the size breakdown of your app in a tabular form. You can search for specific files, modules, frameworks, etc. and see their size impact. You can also sort by size to see the largest parts of your app.