Reaper AI

Automatically delete dead code from your app

Once you have started collecting data for dead code in your app with our Reaper SDK, ReaperAI allows you to automatically delete said code. In our UI, simply select the types you want to delete and our LLM will get to work. Once finished, our Github bot will open a pull request with the code changes.



Source code access

ReaperAI requires source code access in order to delete code and open pull requests.

Start by adding our Emerge Tools AI Github App to your app repository.

Deleting classes

Individual types can be selected in our UI for deletion:

Deleting unused protocols

In addition to dynamic analysis of Reaper, we statically analyze whether any protocols are unused in your app. If your app has some, they can be deleted as well:

Viewing results

After triggering code Reaper to delete code, we show a simple summary of the lines removed and also have a link to past runs that have been triggered.