Optimize Icons (iOS)


By default, when an app includes only a 1024x1024 pixel image for its icons, Apple ships this full-resolution image with the app to users. While the primary icon requires this high resolution for display in the App Store, alternate icons do not need to be as large. The largest resolution required for alternate icons is 180x180 pixels, which is the maximum size displayed on iPhone Plus devices (see apple guide).

For the primary icon, it is essential to use a 1024x1024 pixel resolution. This ensures the icon appears sharp in the App Store page.

On the other hand for alternate icons, a resolution of 180x180 pixels is sufficient, as this is the maximum size at which they will be displayed, even on the largest iPhone Plus devices. To optimize space, we suggest creating alternate icons at 180x180 pixels and then upscaling them to 1024x1024 pixels for submission. This approach helps reduce the app’s storage footprint without compromising the quality of the icons.

Our automatic insight will first downscale the full resolution image to 180x180 pixels to remove detail and then upscale it again for 1024px so it can be used in Xcode.