The treemap visualization provides an overview of what folders and files contribute to app size, and is organized to easily convey critical statistics about your app size.


Scroll with your cursor in the treemap to zoom into a specific area, or click to quickly expand a region. As you zoom in, you'll see smaller regions begin to expand.


To keep the view uncluttered, files taking up a small amount of space on your screen won't be shown. They'll appear when you zoom in, but this can cause regions with many small files to not be visible until after you zoom in.


You can search for any set of files in your app to visualize the impact of specific modules or frameworks.

Enclosing your search in backticks will return a node + all of its children.

You can specify the path of your search by including "/". For example, "" will only return strings located in the watch app.


To make it easier to understand your app, Emerge color-codes your app's file types:

  • Binaries β– 
  • Localizations β– 
  • Fonts β– 
  • Asset Catalogs β– 
  • Videos β– 
  • CoreML Models β– 

Duplicate and unnecessary files are shown in red β– , however duplicate folders will not be broken down into their contents.


Emerge breaks down compiled files to show you the size contribution of resources and source code.


Resources in an Asset Catalog are compiled to an file that can't be expanded in Finder. Emerge can expand them and show you how much of the file comes from each resource in your app.


Colors are commonly stored in Asset Catalogs to provide different themes for light and dark mode. Individually these have a very small contribution to app size, but together they can add up. If your Asset Catalog contains colors, they will be grouped into a single block that indicates the number of colors in the catalog and the sum of their size contributions.

Packed Assets

Asset Catalogs group similar icons into a compressed format known as a Packed Asset. This is much smaller than storing each icon individually, and is one of the great advantages of Asset Catalogs. However, we won't show you a breakdown of these blocks because the compression applied means there isn't a clear size contribution from each icon. In a future release of Emerge we will allow custom rules to group Packed Assets based on their contents, please get in touch if this is something you'd like to use.


Emerge also breaks down your binary file into logical groups based on their size. If you don't upload dSYMs, or your app is encrypted, we will break the binary into the segments and sections that characterize the file. If you upload a .xcarchive with dSYMs, Emerge will break the binary into individual source files that can be properly attributed to binary size.