Setup (iOS)


Before reporting unused code, make sure you have uploaded your app to Emerge (with the same version number that you are testing with). Uploading initializes the Reaper backend for your app, so it is ready to receive events.


The Reaper iOS SDK is a static, pre-compiled framework. You can get it by messaging someone from Emerge to send you it, along with an API key for your organization. Then, integrate the library by adding -L/directory/of/framework and -framework Reaper to the linker flags.

Runtime Initialization

To run Reaper, add the following code in your startup path, e.g. in applicationDidFinishLaunching(_:):

import Reaper


EMGReaper.sharedInstance().start(withAPIKey: "myKey") // The key is provided to you by Emerge

Reaper will then automatically report class usage during that run of the app.


Once reaper is initialized, background the app to report used classes. To confirm it worked, you can monitor network requests from the device for a request to