Quick Start

Get started quickly with a Size Analysis of your app.

Creating an account

If you haven't already, sign up for an account at https://emergetools.com/signup

Manually upload your first build

Visit https://emergetools.com/app?showManualUpload=true to get started with a drag-and-drop manual upload in your dashboard.



Emerge requires uploads to be a zipped xcarchive (.xcarchive.zip) or zipped xcframework (.xcframework.zip) file.

Xcode Archive files are generally the byproduct your CI build system. You can also generate one manually in Xcode, see Create an archive of your app for more information.

For the best results, we recommend including dSYM files in your archive.


Emerge supports both .apk and .aab files for uploads and they don't need to be zipped.

For the best results, we recommend including any R8 and Proguard mappings used for obfuscating your app.

Viewing results

A link to your build will be available at the top after you've finished uploading.


Sample Analysis

Emerge analyzes thousands of apps every week and has the ability to analyze virtually any public release of an app. When you first create an account, you can search for your app within the Emerge platform and click "Start Analysis" to view our Size Analysis for your app.


You can also head to our explore page to see more of our sample analysis.