Upload your first build

Get started uploading a build for your respective platform.

Upload an iOS build

Emerge uploads require a .zip of your Xcode archive or app bundle. Uploading the full archive with dSYMs gives you access to binary analysis that breaks down your code by file and module name.

Create the archive

Open Xcode

With your project open select Product -> Archive, the same way you prepare builds for the App Store.

Open the archive in finder

Upload the archive

Zip the .xcarchive

Drag and drop to Emerge

Upload an Android build

Emerge supports uploading both APKs and AABs. We recommend uploading an AAB as that will allow Emerge to produce the most accurate representation of what your end users will download from the Play Store, while also automatically including R8/Proguard mappings for accurate Dex breakdown.

Generate an App bundle

We recommend uploading a release build for the most accurate representation of what your users will see, but also support debug and other variants.

Command line

Run the following gradle command to build a release bundle.

./gradlew bundleRelease

Your specific build command/process might be slightly different, so use whatever you or your team runs to generate the release bundle you submit to the Play Store.

Android Studio

Select the release build variant

Change the build variant to release in the "Build Variants" pane. You can find this pane in the bottom left sidebar of Android Studio, or by selecting "Build" > "Select Build Variant..." from the top menu.

Generate an AAB

Upon selecting the proper build type, select "Build" > "Build Bundle(s) / APK(s)" > "Build bundle(s)" from the top menu.

Upload your App bundle

Locate your build in finder

Your generated bundle should be located in app_module/build/outputs/bundle/release. Right click on the .aab file and select "Open in" > "Finder".

Drag and drop to Emerge

Once you've found your bundle in finder, simply drag and drop the file into Emerge's dashboard. Your build will begin processing and should have a full breakdown within minutes!

What’s Next

Setup continuous monitoring through Fastlane or GitHub actions.