Pull Request Comments

An Emerge PR comment helps developers understand the impact of their change directly in pull requests. The comment is broken down into 3 sections.

Diff Treemap

This portion of the comment shows a hierarchical overview of the change that was made in a similar format to the build page treemap. Each color represents a type of change. Red is for removals and green is for additions, just like in a PR diff.

  • Removed β– 
  • Decreased β– 
  • Added β– 
  • Increased β– 

Table Breakdown

The table format shows the largest leaf nodes in your app's breakdown. The top 20 elements with a size over 500 bytes are displayed.


At the bottom of each comment you'll see a link to the full build details as well as the base build that was used to generate the diff.

Size Threshold

By default comments will only post if the size change is over 100 KB. You can configure the size threshold for comments from your Emerge profile page. Status checks will show for all PRs.

Comment History

Emerge overwrites the comment each time a PR is updated, but you can view the full edit history of each comment to see how the PR has changed.