App Installation (iOS)

To test your app it first needs to be installed on a device, to do this the app must be re-signed.


We re-sign the app with a custom provisioning profile and remove certain entitlements. The following entitlements are included, the rest are stripped:


The app identifier is left unchanged, but the team identifier and app id prefix is replaced with a new team identifier. The entitlement is preserved, and others including app groups, associated domains, and push notifications, are stripped from the app’s entitlements.

This may change some behavior, so make sure your app doesn’t crash after re-signing, like asserting that a particular app group is available. Additionally, security measures that rely on the app’s signature may break, so these should be disabled before uploading to Emerge.

Bundle Id

The bundle id is modified in the application's Info.plist. This modified bundle id will show up on crash reports and may require changes to app code to expect the different bundle id. Two bundle ids are used, one for the base and one for the head app. If you need specifics on what string is used for the bundle id, contact your Emerge representative.